What Are Smart Parking Solutions?

08 February 2022
Agboakiosime Imoudu


Smart parking solutions utilize technology and data analytics to improve customer service and reduce costs. By providing real-time information about available parking spaces and guidance to those spaces, smart parking technology enables greater control over the use of public spaces like parking lots and garages.

There’s a Need For Smart Parking Solutions

The need for smart parking systems will hardly come as a surprise to motorists who have struggled to find somewhere to leave their vehicles when in town centres or large retail parks.  

Challenges of Smart Parking Solutions

For a successful smart parking solution, there must be clear communication between the sensor on the ground that detects available spaces and the app or website that provides real-time information. The data analytics element of smart parking solutions is crucial for effectively managing these systems as well as making connections with other devices.

Opportunities For Smart Parking Solutions

Smart parking is the first step toward creating a truly smart city. Once established, smart parking can form the backbone for many other applications like smart traffic management and automated mass transit.

Smart parking solutions

What is The Future of Smart Parking Solutions?

For a parking structure to be recognized as “smart” in the future, it will be able to immediately recognize available spaces and provide drivers with accurate information about them. This includes displaying which stalls are open, the number of open stalls in each row, and how many empty spots there are on each floor. Smart parking systems will also feature integrated payment sensors that allow drivers to pay for parking using their smartphones.

The term “smart parking” will be used more in the future to describe a digital and mobile payment process that is faster, easier, and automatically debits drivers’ accounts with the appropriate parking rate. Digital systems will automatically debit your account based on the time of day and length of stay wherever you park.

In recent years smart parking solutions have been introduced that feature technology, such as sensors and cameras, to help drivers find a spot more quickly. In the future, these systems will be further enhanced with software that can guide your car into an open space without any input from the driver.


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